Waheguru Ji, amazing post!! Love the effort put behind it, but just wanted to make one humble correction:


Saying with the utmost respect, but we as a community need to decolonize our language and present things in their authentic manner. When we hear someone say seekh, we should stand up and respectfully correct it. A Sikh is a learner, while a seekh is a skewer. Our Guru meant us to be students, not skewers. 😛

Similarly, when we say Sikhism, we are leaving behind the name given to our faith by our ancestors (SIKHI) and adopting and accepting a label given to us by colonists. Also, calling Sikhi Sikhism is honestly the equivalent of calling Islam Muslimism. We should be correcting this.

However, we can only correct others if we ourselves reclaim the authentic words that describe our identity. 🙂

My apologies if I made any errors. Bhul chuk muaaf. _/_

dhanwad..got it..
will surely take care onwards…
it is sumthing everyone doesnot know,,,but surely need to know!!


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